Kids 4 Kids

Student Leadership for Local, National, International Social Action


Kids 4 Kids is a group of socially conscious students who are working to make their community, country and world a better place. In their first three years of operation they have

  1. Provided 100’s of warm coats to needy families in Calgary
  2. Donated 100’s of Teddy Bears to children who are admitted to the Calgary Children’s Hospital
  3. Collected 1000’s of food items to the food bank in Calgary for the homeless
  4. Funded school projects through Elephant Thoughts
  5. Volunteered building stoves in Guatemala
  6. Supported Kane Ryan and the Dirty Wall Project
  7. Volunteered many hours with Calgary Brown Bagging (we’ve made over 3,000 sandwiches!)
  8. Volunteered at the Mustard Seed
  9. Donated over $10,000 to build a school in Kenya in addition to providing a clean water source for those students
  10. Sponsored Ms. Caines and her efforts in a Haiti orphanage
  11. Participated in the Skate, Walk & Wheel a Kid to Camp event
  12. Rundle Academy in the Press: Dirty Wall Project Mumbai Mirror, Dirty Wall Project Mid Day News, Dirty Wall Project Video

All the Kids for Kids really appreciate the support of all the parents, staff and students at Rundle Academy.


In the coming months, we are gearing up for another volunteer opportunity at the Brown Bagging Organization, we will be hosting Kane Ryan for a local fundraiser and we will be having our Used Uniform Sale again.


Kids 4 Kids

In 2009-2010 Kids 4 Kids is looking forward to building on the projects and successes of their previous years!


Dirty Wall Project: The “Dirty Wall Project” is an effort to fill immediate, small needs in the developing countries that I travel in. I have travelled extensively for 8 years and during that time I have sought out volunteering opportunities or ways to contribute to the local economies of the countries I visit. My frustrations with bureaucracy, paperwork and religious bias while trying to volunteer in India and other developing countries drove me to be a one person charitable organization. Being an independent traveller, I have the ability to meet local people in my search for basic lodging, meals and transportation. This enables me to build relationships, have conversations and develop a sense of where my effort and the money raised for this project will be best spent. I am able to see a need and fill it immediately. I employ locals both to inspire me and to help me understand cultural differences. Together we are resourceful and adaptable which enables us to work in unusual circumstances and less than ideal conditions. With the support of generous donors, we work together tirelessly in orphanages, slums, and have held numerous one day health camps.

I may not change lives, but I can bring some comfort, food or a helping hand to someone who is living in dire poverty. The list of needs is endless in developing countries where the poor outnumber the rich.

As documented in this blog, the first three months of the Dirty Wall Project’s endeavours have been successful. Over the next several months I will be able to use the knowledge I have gained to continue to fill needs in a meaningful and respectful way. I have discovered that one person can make a difference and that is truly exciting. I will be documenting my projects in India through photographs and this blog. Follow my progress as I make my way through this amazing country, using the generous donations and the sale of my photographs to help fill a need, one person at a time or one village at a time.

The “Dirty Wall Project” has no overhead and no salaries to pay. I am a completely self-funded traveller. Every dollar donated to this project is spent entirely on filling the needs of the people I meet in India. The Dirty Wall Project Foundation is incorporated under the Society Act, issued at Victoria, British Columbia, on April 27, 2010.  (Number: S-56630)

Check out the Dirty Wall Project blog and be inspired to do your own volunteering or become a donor.


Elephant Thoughts: Elephant Thoughts is a Canadian non-profit organization that does charitable work to improve the education of students in Canada and around the World. Kids 4 Kids is supporting Elephant Thoughts this year by using some of their funds to help build classrooms in Nicaragua.


Free the Children: Free the Children is a great organization that Kids 4 Kids has supported in the past. With the funds and support from Kids 4 Kids, Free the Children has built schools and provided fresh drinking water for kids in Africa.


Me to We: Me to We is another awesome non-profit organization. During the last two school years, Kids 4 Kids has brought in motivational speakers to speak with all the students at Rundle Academy. The Me to We group has also held Leadership Workshops for many of Rundle Academy’s emerging leaders!


Kiva – Micro Loans: Kiva is a micro loan program that allows individuals to provide micro loans to people in third world countries.










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